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Our private observatory in the Ore Mountains 🔭

📍 Liboňov, Ústí nad Labem, gps: 50.729037662, 13.95897262

We bought the ruin of the observatory from 1929 and we are currently restoring it to its original state so that we can offer it to the public for visits, trips, astronomy, stargazing and we also offer it to Czech space startups as a refuge. 

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Aktuálně vybráno: 278 000Kč

z potřebných 10 000 000Kč (kompletní rekonstrukce)


Podpořili: Nadace ZeměKvět, Ústecký kraj, Jan Doubrava, Monča K., Lucie D., Hana V., Michal M., Zdenek B., Michal M., Marie T, Dave M., Lenka B., Tereza Š., Tereza V., Tereza S., Jiří M., Lucie a Tomáš D., Kateřina G., Eliška C., a ostatní.

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Duben 2022


Srpen 2022

Abandoned since 1975

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Leden 2022


Únor 2023


Únor 2022


Leden 2023

Abandoned since 1975

You can probably imagine what the local homeless have done to the place. Only the nearby basement was preserved, which was full of clutter. That's why I had to put on a covid suit, a mask and go inside to clean up. We thank the locals who helped us with the removal of the mess. The goal was to put the cellar in a state where it would be ready for the public to visit as quickly as possible.


We cleared, we secured.

After clearing out the cellar, we selected ten of the hundreds of archival materials that we searched for over a period of five months and framed the materials and offered them for inspection. Currently, the cellar is ready for visits and inspection of these materials. You will see, for example, the original plans of the observatory from 1929, a building application from 1929, correspondence between students and the Ústí Gymnasium from 1949, interesting photos and more. 


Archival materials found

After a visit to the Ústí archive, the Charles University archive and a visit to the Astronomical Institute of the Czech Republic, we obtained piles of interesting archival materials, according to which the observatory will be renovated.

Advanced technology.

In its time, it was such an important place that astronomical equipment was transported on it, hidden in hay so that no one would photograph it, and the internal equipment that was used in the Greenland Sea was subsequently moved to the well-preserved cellar, which we offer you to visit today. Nice trip for the weekend arranged! Follow our efforts to build an observatory on Facebook .  The project was supported by the Ústí Region.


And what next? 

Call Barč at + 420 720 375 513 and arrange a tour of the cellar and preserved archival materials. Nearby there is also the beautiful Tiská stény, which we also recommend visiting.

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