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Žebrák Observatory 🔭

📍 Žebrák, Pivovarská, gps: 49.8736583N, 13.8986794E

Visit the observatory not far from Prague, which even has its own planetarium! 😊 Gentlemen from the observatory will show you the basics of observing stars, planets and other cosmic attractions. 🥳 

890 Kč / návštěva

More info about the observatory 👇

Since 1954, the silver dome of the observatory has been shining on the southern edge of the town of Žebrák. Astronomical observations for the public, exhibitions, lectures, multimedia programs, an astronomy club for young people and programs for schools take place here. ​


A Newton-type telescope with a lens diameter of 35.8 cm and a focal length of 2136 mm is hidden in the dome of the observatory in Žebrák with a diameter of 5.5 meters. It is placed on a special mount, which is a copy of the fork of the American five-meter Hale telescope on Mt. Palomar. Several portable instruments are also available, including a Meade telescope with automatic guidance (donated by the Čekanov family). From the observatory there is a beautiful view of the historical monuments Žebrák and Točník. ​


The observatory has prepared an astronomy program for children - a cartoon story about the planets (new in 2014), a projection of the night sky with a demonstration of animals, painting the constellations, an astronomical children's quiz, a tour of the dome with the main telescope, or observations. An Indian fairy tale is also part of it (for great interest in this program, we recommend booking a place 602 530 515). Source:


Are you interested in a private visit and stargazing at the Žebrák observatory? The total price for a family is CZK 800.

And what next? 

Call Barč at + 420 720 375 513 and arrange stargazing at the Žebrák observatory. Nearby is also the beautiful Žebrák Castle, which we recommend visiting at the same time.

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