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We are building a new bubble in the Ore Mountains. 🥳

Take a look and book your stay.

Sleeping under the stars?

Come and enjoy the perfect rest under the stars in the transparent one-room Bubble Hotel with 360 degree views, which awaits in a quiet place in a private garden.. You will not find walls, ceilings or doors, but a view from the bed straight to the clouds, the moon, the stars, the sunrise and sunset. Skyhome is the right place to relax, where no mosquito will wake you up.

990 Kč / 4 digitální návrhy
1790-2490 Kč / 4 digitální návrhy + tisk na plátno

Novinka na sezónu 2023! 🥳

Ke každé rezervaci dárek "online pozorování hvězd" s 10% slevou. 🎁


„Letecký pohled na obří akvárium ve tvaru věže, uprostřed New Yorku, 8k oktanový render, fotorealistický obrázek“

Sunrise right in front of you.

We've designed Skyhome so you wake up with the sunrise right in front of you and fall asleep with the sunset behind you. An amazing atmosphere will be created inside the room. We have also put emphasis on comfort and have arranged seating from bean bags, from which you look directly at the stars and the sunset from even more comfort. Be sure to check the weather before booking. If you like rain, book a rainy night and fall asleep to the sound of falling drops.

What can you find with us?

You will find everything you need here. A large comfortable double bed, comfortable bean bag seating with a table, books, drawers, heating and an outdoor toilet and sink. In the evening, you can pour yourself a bottle of champagne, coffee, tea or wine while watching the stars.  A light breakfast will await you in the morning, which you will enjoy to the fullest with a view of the sunrise. Of course, you will find cutlery, glasses and plates here. You will certainly not forget the peace of reading books and lying in bed, which the surrounding environment will offer you. 28 square meters under the stars with the comfort of home and a lot of romance you will definitely not forget.

And what next? 

Book your experience or make someone happy with a gift voucher.

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